The Algorand Blockchain Academy: Pioneering education in blockchain for sustainable development

June 27, 2024


Written by: Algorand Foundation

The Algorand Blockchain Academy, an initiative developed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Algorand Foundation is ready to launch in September 2024. The Algorand Blockchain Academy, which completed its beta phase in May 2024, aims to provide comprehensive blockchain education, hands-on experience, and mentorship support to UN staff worldwide. This initiative marks a significant step towards leveraging blockchain technology to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The vision and genesis of the Algorand Blockchain Academy


The collaboration between the Algorand Foundation and UNDP is rooted in a shared vision of utilizing cutting-edge technology to tackle global challenges, with blockchain seamlessly integrated into development efforts. The Algorand Blockchain Academy aims to equip over 120,000 UN employees across 170 countries with the knowledge and tools needed to harness blockchain technology effectively. The initial focus areas include financial inclusion, supply chain transparency, real-world asset tokenization, and more.


Doro Unger-Lee, Head of Education and Inclusion at the Algorand Foundation, highlighted the significance of this initiative: “Education is the cornerstone of innovation. By equipping development professionals with the knowledge and skills to use blockchain technology, we are taking a crucial step towards practical, on-the-ground solutions that can address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Our goal is to inspire and empower participants to become leaders in their fields, using blockchain to foster sustainable and inclusive growth.”


The beta phase: Lessons learned and moving forward


The beta phase of the Algorand Blockchain Academy, which ran from February to May 2024, involved participants from six different UN agencies. The curriculum comprised seven modules delivered over 12 weeks, featuring a mix of self-paced pre-recorded content and live events, supported by personal mentorship from blockchain experts and entrepreneurs in the space. Participants praised the quality of the training, noting its relevance to their work and the practical applications of blockchain in development contexts. 


Plans for global expansion in 2025


Teodor Petricevic, Digital Partnerships and Accelerator Lead at UNDP AltFinLab, the flagship UNDP initiative behind the Academy, shared his vision for the Algorand Blockchain Academy: “As we look ahead to 2025, our mission is to expand the reach and impact of the Algorand Blockchain Academy on a global scale. We are not only committed to continuing the education of UN staff but also to extending our programs to civil society organizations worldwide. This will enable a broader range of stakeholders to leverage blockchain technology for sustainable development. Moreover, we plan to offer the Algorand Blockchain Academy’s resources to other prominent development agencies to foster a more inclusive and interconnected global development community. By doing so, we hope to create a network of blockchain-educated professionals who can drive forward sustainable development initiatives with enhanced transparency, efficiency, and accountability.”


Expanding horizons


The Algorand Blockchain Academy’s success in its beta phase and its strategic enhancements set the stage for a transformative educational experience for UN staff. This initiative not only aims to upskill UN employees but also to create a robust community of blockchain-savvy professionals capable of leveraging this technology to drive sustainable development. 


As the Algorand Blockchain Academy prepares for its official launch, it stands as a signal of innovation and collaboration, showcasing the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize development practices and achieve a scalable global impact. Stay tuned for more updates on the Algorand Blockchain Academy and its journey towards fostering a globally connected and technologically empowered community.