Dive into the Algorand ecosystem

Algorand supports a vibrant, innovative ecosystem, with a diverse range of projects tokenizing real-world assets, developing the future of DeFi, building traceability and tracking solutions, and more.

Ecosystem Overview-1

Get a wallet

An Algorand wallet is crucial for accessing many of the dApps in the ecosystem. It’s simple to set up a wallet and then quickly connect to dApps through the in-wallet browser. 

Data traceability & tracking solutions 

Traceability and tracking solutions follow the path of real-world data from origin to destination, providing comprehensive data visibility. 

Stablecoins, digital money & payments solutions

Stablecoins, digital money and payments solutions are bridging the gap between crypto innovation and traditional finance. Explore how they work and the unique opportunities they present. 

The Algorand directory 

This page highlights some of the amazing projects building on Algorand. Visit the ecosystem directory to see all the projects building on Algorand.