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NFT Rewards

Every quarter, NFT marketplaces deploy thousands of Algo rewards to new and existing creators and collectors of the Algorand ecosystem. Through community governance voting, NFT marketplaces propose initiatives to distribute these rewards. Since Q3 2023, 1.5 MM Algo were distributed, benefiting many creators and collectors and generating many Algorand NFT collections and drops.

Algorand NFT Collection

The Algorand NFT Collection is being curated at in-person and virtual events, stimulating the Algorand NFT ecosystem. This community-driven initiative aims to drive ecosystem growth by supporting creators, promoting their work, and serving as an incentive for further growth.

Explore the next generation of gaming on Algorand 

Blockchain is changing the way we game—from play and earn to asset trading and community governance, gaming is more multifaceted than ever before. 

Why gaming on Algorand?

Low gaming fees

Low fees mean gamers can trade in-game items like skins or characters without spending a fortune, making games more accessible to everyone.

Instant Finality-transparent-bg
Fast execution

Fast transaction processing (under 3 seconds) means zero lag—actions within the game are reflected quickly and smoothly.

True ownership of in-game assets

Players own digital assets like characters or virtual land in games. Ownership data is stored securely and transparently on the blockchain.

Safe and secure environment

A decentralized layer-1 architecture and Pure Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism deliver security and reliability at scale.

The Algorand directory 

Explore the full ecosystem directory for a comprehensive list of projects building on the Algorand blockchain. Discover innovative solutions across DeFi, NFTs, gaming, real-world assets, and more.

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