Partnerships & Industry Alliances

The Algorand Foundation forges partnerships with organizations across the globe to contribute to the advancement of the overall blockchain industry, and to drive adoption of the Algorand blockchain. 

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain

The Blockchain APPG aims to bring together industry stakeholders and policymakers to discuss evidence-based exploration and solutions to the major challenges faced by the Web3 industry in the UK, and beyond.


DeRec Alliance

Algorand Foundation is a founding member of the DeRec Alliance, a group of forward-thinking companies from across the Web2 and Web3 ecosystems that is committed to making the process of securing and recovering digital assets, accounts, and other secrets as simple as existing Web2 experiences. Leveraging a new open source standard, these organizations are working together to help their users and the broader world realize the promise of Web3, without the complexity.


Global Blockchain Business Council

The largest leading industry association for the blockchain technology and digital assets community.

Global Blockchain Business Council

Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Building a global network for blockchain research & education.



Nasscom, a not-for-profit industry association, is the apex body for the technology industry in India.

Algorand Foundatin's first-of-its-kind partnership empowers students & professionals with educational content to enhance in-demand blockchain skills, fueling India's Web3 future.


OpenWallet Foundation

Algorand Foundation is a member of the OpenWallet Foundation, which supports a global effort for open standards & secure, interoperable digital wallets.

OpenWallet Foundation-1

Plateau State of Nigeria

Algorand Foundation partnered with the Government of Plateau State in Nigeria to explore pilot blockchain applications across governance, healthcare & more.

Plateau State Nigeria


Algorand Foundation is a member of the SODA interoperability group, which is working to create a standard for the seamless transfer of digital assets across different blockchains.



Algorand Foundation partnered with T-Hub - a premier innovation hub and ecosystem enabler based out of Hyderabad, India - on a year-long intensive program to accelerate 20 selected Web3 startups in India toward product, market & investment readiness.

T Hub

TiE Bangalore

A Web3 partnership in India’s tech capital to support developers and startups through strategic educational & training initiatives.

TiE Bangalore

University of East London

Supporting blockchain-focused curriculum development and student engagement events at the University of East London FinTech Centre.


University of Florida

Algorand Foundation supports the Blockchain Lab at the University of Florida to advance blockchain education, research, and student engagement.