Algo Insider newsletter - April 2024 edition

May 1, 2024


Written by: Algorand Foundation

Hi AlgoFam,

We wanted to share some exciting news and updates:

Want to start building on Algorand? 

Meanwhile, around the ecosystem:

ICYMI: A group of students sent an Algorand node into space! It was sent up alongside a cosmic rays detector aboard a stratospheric balloon.

Calling Algorand governors! 

  • We released some important updates to the Algorand Governance 2024 Timeline. 
  • xGov voting session 4 takes place May 13-June 3. xGovs in Term Pools 1, 2, 3 and 4 must vote to maintain eligibility. You can review proposals and vote at

May events not to miss 😎 


Algorand Foundation