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Welcome to Algorand

Algorand is an energy-efficient, quantum-secure, single-layer blockchain, with instant finality, consistently high throughput, and low fees.

Algorand in the real world

Businesses across the globe are leveraging the Algorand blockchain to deliver efficiency, impact, and opportunity.

Participate in network & community governance

Read the Governor and xGov Guides, and then visit the portal to participate.


The Algorand Foundation forges partnerships with organizations across the globe to contribute
to the advancement of the overall blockchain industry, and to drive adoption of the Algorand blockchain. 

Latest news 

Updates from across the Algorand ecosystem.

How Algorand enables solutions at scale:

10,000 TPS
point-of-sale speed that users expect

Instant finality
no rollbacks, no partitioning, no uncertainty 

Pure Proof-of-Stake
block-by-block agreement ensures data integrity

Programming languages & tools you know
Python, TypeScript (soon!), and more

Drive to decentralization
thousands of validators keep the network secure 

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Connect & Learn:

Find community on Algorand by connecting on social media, at events, and more.