Algorand Foundation partners with Blockchain Acceleration Foundation to accelerate blockchain student clubs across the American continent

April 23, 2023

Written by: Algorand Foundation



April 24, 2023 - The Algorand Foundation is proud to announce the partnership with the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF), a nonprofit organization composed of students, professors, blockchain advocates, and interested citizens who are committed to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and a user-owned internet.

“The purpose of this partnership is to collaborate with BAF to create and support blockchain student clubs in North America and South America, to accelerate the growth of a worldwide community of blockchain innovators, and to make Algorand more accessible to student developers and builders,” emphasizes Student Engagement Lead Evangelina Machado. 

The partnership will include an Algorand-focused educational web series in English and Spanish, a blockchain club leader outreach initiative at Consensus 2023, and a technical capstone project that will take students through the process of developing a dapp, while receiving mentorship, guidance, and support from various organizations including the technical team at Algorand.

“LATAM will become the epicenter of blockchain adoption, and we are proud to support Algorand’s mission of developing a rich student ecosystem throughout the region. With this partnership, Algorand enables BAF to create open-source learning opportunities for students worldwide, thus onboarding a wave of new talent to the blockchain industry,” explains Nour Assili, Head of Growth of BAF.

To connect, join the BAF x Algorand Students Hub on Telegram. To find out more about the joint events BAF and Algorand Foundation are offering at Consensus 2023, visit here.